Learning From Down Under

2009 March cover story Learning from Down Under
Smarter Greener More Daring
March 2009,
Vol. 09
Issue 04.
Bellemo and Cat: Stair Storage

Bellemo & Cat's Cradle

Architect-sculptor double act Cat Macleod and Michael Bellemo first came to our attention with their Cocoon weekender, a steel-clad blimp suspended in a canopy on the Australian coastline.


Hillside Family Home in Australia

An unvisited ocean-facing plot of land, a couple of architect neighbors, and one giant leap of faith have netted a pair of erstwhile Londoners a dream home of their own in northeast Australia.

herbst house exterior

Bach to Basics

On New Zealand’s Great Barrier Island, two architects designed a petite holiday home that takes care of its own water, electricity, and sewage needs.


A Measured Approach

Utterly dynamic, this house on an urban peninsula in Sydney is rich with inventive and thoughtfully considered spaces.


Nature Nurtured

On the shores of New Zealand’s Lake Wakatipu, architects Bronwen Kerr and Pete Ritchie designed a relaxed family home that reclines into its spectacular landscape.

chaise longue chairs walsh kathleen expert portrait

Kathleen Walsh Reviews 4 Chaise Longue

If you chase long afternoons lolling by the pool, with longer evenings of the same, there is only one piece of furniture on your mind. Ours too.

koji nicemod march09

Koji Tsutsui

In September 2008, architect Koji Tsutsui accepted the Ceramic Tiles of Italy award for designing a modern, white-tiled residence in Tokyo.

meal mobile eateries torchys tacos

Mobile Eateries

With street food enjoying a renaissance across the United States, it may no longer be necessary to steer clear of trailer fare.