Get listed in Design Source on

Get listed in Design Source on

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Design Source showcases modern design
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  • Integrate within Dwell’s original content
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How is Dwell Design Source different from other directories?

  • Unique Point of View: Dwell has earned its position as an authentic voice of design for over 13 years by consistently delivering original, thoughtful, creative content and new ideas. The result is daily inspiration to a dedicated and loyal community of affluent people who are “at home in the modern world.”
  • Strong Community: We deliver engaged and active design-seekers: Our visitors respect and trust Dwell for home ideas: 94% say they learn things in Dwell first; 97% say they get ideas from Dwell; 96% find Dwell to be of the highest quality and sophisticated.
  • Context is King: Dwell engages its affluent, educated, and insatiably curious community with an authentic editorial environment – daily articles, blogposts, videos, slideshows, events – providing relevant context for products and services to inspire and inform.
  • Uncluttered Environment: An arbiter of innovative ideas for designers, architects, and enthusiasts around the globe, Dwell maintains its focus on modern design – and how it enhances our world and enriches our experiences.
  • Volume We are thrilled to announce that this month, we welcome over 1 million monthly visitors, with more than 10 million page views; we have almost doubled this year and going strong! As Dwell grows its audience, our advertisers benefit.

How much does a Brand Page cost?

Please see "Pricing" above.

How long is the duration of the buy?

You may purchase a 3-month, 6-month, and 1-year package.

When can I purchase a Brand Page?

Design Source Brand Pages can be purchased year-round.

Brand Pages go live on the first of every month. (i.e. if you purchase on November 23, the listing will go live December 1).

What are the advantages of not letting my listing expire?

The longer your Brand Page is live, the higher you will rank in Dwell search. If you let your Brand Page expire, the search relevance resets and the priority you built up will be lost.

My Brand Page (s) will expire soon--how do I renew it?

Please contact our production team: or 415-373-5175.

Can I update my Brand Page throughout the year?

Please contact our production team: or 415-373-5175.