n the last 12 months, the architectural firm of AGATHOM Co. has been featured in print media like Dwell, The Globe & Mail, Cottage Life and most recently a cover story in Azure. Little bits of the AGATHOM Co. story have been covered on countless blogs that seem to proliferate like dandelions. These outlets all ask us the same question: “Do you have a website?” “Soon,” we say. Strangers now call or e-mail from distant shores to say, “Get back to us when you have a site.” “We will,” we tell them. And we wonder as we look up (only briefly) from our computers and drafting tables if we missed the opportunity to work with an enlightened client on a challenging project.
      We are busy here in our architectural workshop, but we wouldn’t want that to happen. No. Although a “real” website that represents the many facets of Katja Aga Sachse Thom and Adam Thom is in the works, we thought we’d better post something right now. So here you have it, a cross section of our work. Some projects are finished, some are halfway built and others live on the backs of napkins. We really hope you’ll come back soon to get a better sense of who we are, how we like to work — and to see a few more of our dandelions.