Relevant and topical subjects, expert international authors, and the highest standards in content and presentation, these are the hallmarks of Birkhäuser.
We publish close to 100 new titles each year, primarily in English and German, but also in French, Italian, Spanish and even Chinese. In order to reflect the high standards of our list in visual form, our books distinguish themselves through excellent design and quality presentation.
The spectrum of our expanding architecture list encompasses technical handbooks with clear practical value on topics such as construction, building technology, typology and the basics of design. We also publish in related areas including landscape architecture and urban planning, the history and theory of architecture, and architectural guides on individual cities, countries and regions. Not least, the oeuvre of renowned architects are presented in editions of Complete Works and monographs.
Our design segment, tracing the very latest developments in interior architecture, product, graphic and web design, has been inspired since 2002 by the editorial team of our design magazine form. Published every two months in a bilingual English and German edition, form is the leading magazine for industrial and graphic design in the German-speaking countries.
As all these areas of design gain new impetus and inspiration from other areas of creativity, the field of art is becoming increasingly significant in our publishing.
We have succeeded in establishing Birkhäuser as one of Europe’s leading publishers in architecture and design, and a brand of great distinction throughout the world.