Birkiland´s goal is to introduce, sell and support Icelandic design and assist in its future development in Iceland and around the world.
Birkiland specialises in:

1. Offering Icelandic design on the web

Birkiland offers a great selection of Icelandic design . There are products designed by our greatest modern designers, designers of the future as well as products by our old masters.
2. Non-traditional pop up stores

Birkiland operates pop up specialty stores that move from one place to the next. Each store offers selected Icelandic design and each store features a coffee-shop, an art exhibit and various spontaneous events.
3. Publication of design

Birkiland strives to inform its customers about design and design related activities. Birkiland supports design by publishing web news, brochures, magazines and books as well as an internet blog where the concept of design is explored.