chiasso (key-Ah-so), an italian word meaning "to cause an uproar or sensation," has been challenging the way people think about contemporary design for over 20 years. rooted in the strict principles of mid-century modernism—simple, clean, beautiful design—we've also been serious about having fun and adding artistic and colorful elements to your home. we are about what's "new" and "now," we are obsessed with the interesting and innovative, and we travel the world to bring you the freshest expressions of creativity, ingenuity and wit. our chicago home, "the city of big shoulders," with its strong architectural history, surrounds us, influences us, and continues to be a constant source of inspiration.

the difference is in our collections—they are not meant to be a cookie-cutter reflection of who you think you should be or what you should want. chiasso collections are about self-expression, about discovery, about individuality. they are not meant to "match," but rather they are meant to make you think, to explore...

our mission is simple: to inspire, to delight, and to expose you to refreshing home fashion ideas... to make the ordinary, well, extraordinary. from the perfect piece of furniture to the perfect gift, we are your source for products of exceptional design and integrity. and rest-assured, we work hard to ensure that we are providing you all of this with excellent quality and a helpful customer service staff.

we are "inspired design for the home." welcome, come inside, we're glad you've found us.