The history of Cleo is almost a mirror image of the German history over the same time period. The foundation in 1945 can be seen as a symbolic act of Germany's rebirth after the World War.
In 1945, just after the World War II, the company founder Mr. Wurach started producing pens in a back yard garage. The production took place with basic tools, out of material leftovers and the employees used to make fun of their situation by comparing themselves to the "Ancient Egyptians". While searching for an appropriate name for the first pens collection this idea of "the Ancient Egyptians" was taken up by Mrs. Wurach and the first collection was named Cleopatra. Later this was shortened to CLEO. The international breakthrough came with the launch of the technical drawing instruments SKRIBENT, which were sold in all coutries of the former Eastern Europe. Entire generations of engineers found Skribent an indispensable tool in their everyday professional life and still remember this series very well. Today Cleo has become a synonym for manufacturing (by hand, hence "hand-made") top quality pens.