Cliff Young Ltd. has been designing one of a kind interiors and award winning furniture for over 46 years. One-stop shopping for designers, architects, and home-owners alike, the company offers a versatile range of design services, from turn-key solutions of entire home renovations to custom furniture design and built-ins. Great design can transform any space, and they inspire their clients to realize the full potential of their space with drawings and 3D renderings of each room. Cliff Young helps their clients create their dream home, from site measurement through install with space planning, complete drawings and 3D renderings, custom product development and engineering, and project management through production and delivery.

Cliff Young Ltd. was founded in 1968 by Alberto Azzolina, a young Italian musician recently returned from the army. Talented, with an open mind and keen business sense, he started working in the New York furniture industry and soon saw what very few people realized at the time — furniture and design business can only truly succeed by tuning into its client's needs and giving them a furniture piece that fits their lifestyle. His show business background prompted him to change his name into Cliff Young — little did he know of the advent of Italian style in furniture in the coming decades.

Backed by an extraordinarily talented team, he perfected the art of developing pieces of furniture for his clients and with his clients, that were the best possible match for their interiors and lifestyle. He also learned firsthand the challenges of creating unique, custom designs, and the amount of work, talent, engineering, effort ,and persistence required behind each successful design. Cliff Young's daughter, Leslie Young, followed his footsteps as a child and learned the skills of listening and translating a client's vision and needs for the home into unique furniture designs. She joined the firm in 1988 and soon enough started making her mark with a higher sensibility in terms of changing lifestyle trends impacting the furniture business. The fast changes in home entertainment and technology required the furniture and design industry to adapt and soon Cliff Young Ltd. became known for establishing a hot new trend in home theater cabinetry designed and made custom, that has not only been the epitome of luxury of custom home furnishings, but also the ultimate in terms of functionality and creativity in terms of marrying contemporary, clean design with comfort, luxury, and constant innovation in the use of materials and textures.

The Cliff Young collections are constantly evolving, keeping in tune with the modern aesthetic and sensibility of the way we live today, all with an eye to the future.