The architecture of Delugan Meissl Associated Architects is much like language, in which meaning is constituted by the relationships among individual words. In contrast to other architectural philosophies, DMAA do not reduce this principle of hermetic language to a game in and of itself, but rather, they root it in their work with as many multivalent relationships between architecture and its contextual environment as possible, premiating the context of the building and the physical presence of its users.
Directed and rigorous processes of design are guided from spatial perception to future users. Their architectural concepts and connections to the existing fabric are reminiscent of organisms entering into dialogue with the environment, as integral parts of an overall system. Inside and out, their concepts break down the order of conventional rooms into flowing, functionally defined spatial sequences.

Volumes directly engage the body of the observer through their scale, the way they interact with gravity, geometry, and the way they “hint at the inexpressible”. Independent of size or function, the work of Delugan Meissl Associates Architects is consistently determined by these design concepts and theoretical principles.
In this regard, Delugan Meissl Associate Architects are committed to developing the principle of intensification, along with ways to spatialize it and make it physiologically tangible. As opposed to a type of “representational form” of contemporary architecture that is geared primarily to the visual and to interpretive meaning, 'actual form' is generated, which, in its physiological effects on the senses and the body, follows the dictum: "Aesthetics is nothing more than the art of applied psychology."