An old material with a long tradition relives a renaissance. Old fashioned felt pantoffel? Hence with it! Give me the old-new trendy material in bright colours and modern designs. Since eight years daff – daff produces high quality Merino felt collections. Why Merino? Only pure Merino wool can guaranty brilliant colours.

One essential part of daff's corporate philosophy is "Made in Germany" for design, felt production and further processing.

To create ordinary things in an exceptional way is the second important fact. Our felt excites, you have to see its colours, touch it and feel the groove.

The trendy products of today will be the common ones of tomorrow and so the felt items shall become common in the future and enrich living in style.

The third aspect is to motivate the customers to create their own concept. There are about 30 colours available, all shapes and colours invite you to vary and combine.

Bright colours and modern design go together with renewable raw material, features like ecological processing and the ability to wash most of the items. The product range includes table sets, table runners, seat pads and seat cubes, two- and three-dimensional decorations especially for christmas and other festivities.

Various designs of bags, timers, cases, accessories, keyring pendants and christmas decorations complete the program. There are endless design possibilities in the living and table area and every day we design more.