We were driving upstate New York searching for interesting chairs, barrels paintings and cabinets to bring back to our just-opened little shop near Gramercy Park. We passed an odd town with an even odder name. The town was called Fishs Eddy. It felt like the perfect name so we borrowed it for our store.

One fortuitous buying trip landed us in an old barn that had been in a fire. The charred building was filled with endless stacks of bowls, plates, cups and saucers that had survived the blaze. Excited, nervous and thoroughly energized, we hauled everything back to our apartment and piled them in every available space. Our kitchen sink was filled with soot-covered creamers and our bathtub was filled with hundreds of platters and bowls.

As we scrubbed we discovered something extraordinary. These were not just run of the mill dishes; these were dishes from roadside diners, railroads, hotels and country clubs. They were dishes with a past; and a history. We poured coffee into two of the mugs as we shared the same thought. We were on to something special... and customers agreed.

Twenty five years later Fishs Eddy has made its own history. Still true to our original vision of commercial quality dish and glassware with plenty of other things that make people smile. We are where we are happiest...still doing dishes!