Welcome to the new world of tile – Gemstone Tile LLC. Gemstone Tile LLC utilizes turquoise exclusively from the Kingman Mine to handcraft a one of a kind product, adding unique beauty, and luxury to the sophisticated lifestyle. Kingman Mine is one of the most diverse and prolific producers of some of the highest grade turquoise in the world. Located near Kingman, Arizona, it is the last commercially operated turquoise mine in North America and produces nearly 500 variations of natural blue/green color. Our tile collection begins as raw turquoise and through a hands on, labor intensive process it is made into sophisticated tile – so sophisticated, in fact, that it will be art in any home. All orders are custom made and handcrafted to order as per the specifications and wishes of the client. Handcrafted turquoise tile for the sophisticated lifestyle; welcome to Gemstone Tile LLC. They can’t wait to meet you.