GROUNDWORKS Office, is a landscape architecture firm based in San Francisco.

Our approach to design is research based and process driven.  In the beginning of every project, we believe that information, data and observation are the foundations to the design process. This initial groundwork, leads to a deep understanding of site and its latent and perceived characteristics.  It also provides us with a framework for testing and decision-making, so that the design process can be flexible and adapt to unpredictable forces.

At GROUNDWORKS Office, we believe the design process is a collaborative act, which requires input from multiple disciplines with a wide range of expertise.  This blending of knowledge and GROUNDWORKS Office creative approach to design yields solutions that are layered, rich and complex.  Critical in today’s marketplace, is having a design process that is results orientated, solution based and efficient, which is why we tailor our process to meet the goals of each individual project.

We are risk takers and believe that nothing great is built without taking a risk.  Invention requires hard work and we pledge to bring this kind of ethos to every project we work on.  It is this unique blend of risk taking and hard work that sets GROUNDWORKS Office apart from other design firms.