Gunnar Cyrén (1931-2013) was a Swedish silversmith, glass artist and industrial designer. After completing an apprenticeship in silversmithing and a period of study at the Konstfackskolan in Stockholm, Gunnar worked as a silversmith in Uppsala. In 1959 Gunnar arrived at Orrefors Glassworks, where over the years he created exquisite glass and become known for classics like "Pop glass" and Nobel tableware. Working closely with the factory's glassblowers Gunnar's work became widely known for his use of bright colours that were vividly seen in his Pop glasses of 1966. He was awarded the prestigious Lunning Prize in the same year. Following a period as artistic director at Orrefors, Gunnar returned to his hometown of Gävle in 1970 and began designing for Dansk International. In 1975 Gunnar founded own gold and silversmith in Gävle, and worked for Orrefors on a freelance basis in 1976.