nterloop – Architecture (IA) is a small design and production firm located in Houston, Texas. It was founded in 2001 by principals Dawn Finley and Mark Wamble. Our work is divided equally between design projects that occur at a variety of scales and degrees of complexity, and production related problem solving. Our clients include institutions such as The Nasher Foundation, The Carnegie Museum of Art, Netherlands Architecture Institute, Howard Hughes Medical Institute and Rice University, multinational corporations such as BP, and private individuals.

Houston, Texas is an architecturally lawless city full of promise. The climate is harsh and the economy is based upon extreme pragmatism on the one hand and pure imagination on the other. Inspiration for innovation can be found easily in this landscape. Local industry is sophisticated, and is driven by medical research, space travel and energy exploration. Our goal is to find some sort of beauty from these ingredients and when possible, export them to the rest of the world.