Kimura Glass, Co. has continued to strive to bring you products for daily use and products close to your everyday life. Putting our eyes on the very new and fresh future, we have been trying to create very “ordinary” products that make you satisfied and never get tired.

Kimura Glass plans and develops wineglasses and cocktail glasses mainly for business use. In Japan, we produce glassware and KIRIKO Glasses (cut glasses) of our own planning and development, making full use of the skillful technique of Japanese traditional artisans from Shitamachi (working-class neighborhood) Tokyo.
Overseas, glassware of our own planning and development are manufactured in the factories in Asia and Europe and selected products of high quality are sent to us for sale.We also secure the technical cooperation of glassware and ceramic wares with several glass companies abroad and import their products.
We wholesale glassware, including wineglasses, cocktail glasses, and also tableware, like ceramic ware, porcelain and etc. for Hotels, Restaurants, and Bars.