The name "LoooLo" is a visual representation of "100%", symbolizing our commitment to every aspect of the design process – from making the choice to use organic materials during development to consideration of the environmental footprint our products leave at the end of their useful lives. Since the textile industry is one of the largest known environmental polluters, we want to address this in order to affect global change. We are excited to bring you a line of biodegradable home furnishings in a full range of colours.

A few years ago, organic home goods had a very "eco" look and were difficult to find. With environmental concerns on the rise consumers are beginning to realize the real importance of healthy lifestyles, which now encompasses everything from food, to homes and cars. At LoooLo Textiles our devotion to good design allows us to be innovative by combining design and ecology to produce one of the first home furnishing lines geared towards the modern conscious consumer.

We are driven by the belief that good design is sustainable design. So we go to great lengths to ensure that all the raw materials that go into making our textiles have as little (if any) negative environmental impact as possible. This ensures that our products are fully biodegradable. At the end of their useful life, LoooLo textiles can be safely put into a composter and, within one year, be reabsorbed by the earth.

We use high quality, certified organic materials as the basis for all of our products and we use Canadian suppliers whenever we can. Doing our part for the planet means making the best environmental choice at every stage.