Mårten Cyrén is an interior designer and furniture designer, educated at the Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. With the primary function as a starting point, Mårten uses design to elevate and highlight that function in objects. According to Mårten, the essence of creating is the combination of shape and function. "Right material in the right spot" could be the words describing his work. Mårten gets his inspiration from what he admits can sound like boring visits to industrial environments, but he finds new technology interesting as it often allows new, unusual, shapes. Mårten says that there is much to yet explore in other materials: "It is about getting the right ideas and pursuing them." Mårten Cyrén has designed a variation of products, furniture, lamps and home appliances. Mårten Cyrén runs Mårten Cyrén Design in Nacka, east of Stockholm in Sweden.