Mike Shively Architecture is a full service architectural practice dedicated to working collaboratively to craft places that are beautiful and fun to be in, simple to maintain, and connect people with their environment and each other.  I'm a good listener, easy going, skilled in design and execution, and well connected in the architecture and construction community.  I'm an active partner and leader through all phases of your project. Together we explore all the critical issues, assemble the best team, and make the right choices at every step to create places that are personal, original, and extraordinary.

I live and practice in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois and am building a cabin in Three Oaks, Michigan.  Single family homes are my niche, but my experience extends to hospitality and religious buildings. I founded Mike Shively Architecture because I love the design process. As a small business owner, I'm able to have close connections with my clients and engage in all aspects of their projects. I apply creative thinking and tenacity to design, budgeting, and execution resulting in an architecture that is personal, craft driven, site-specific, and rich with natural light and beautiful materials.