Museum of Robots creates modern housewares and home accessories designed to complement 21st century living. It's also a real museum located in the online virtual world of Second Life.

There, it's dedicated to the appreciation of robots - not just the ones we love from toys, movies and TV –but also robots in science and science fiction, art, literature, media and technology.

Its mission is to promote understanding of the role of robots in popular culture, art, and science and features exhibits, art, and special events. It's an immersive museum experience, with interactive exhibits and attractions, and community events. People even make movies at the museum.

Exhibits include: "Bots, Bugs & Beasts: The Art of Joshua Ellingson"; "From Teapot to Robot: The Art of Clayton Bailey"; "Robots & Donuts: The Art of Eric Joyner"; and Celebrity Robots Hall of Fame.