You know when you visit your local vintage shoppe hoping for that rare, once-in-a-lifetime find that you spend a lifetime searching for? Or perhaps when you take your first trip overseas, staring out of the airplane window seat at the vast ocean below you. Or your first boy/girl dance? That’s Pigeon Toe.

Founded in Portland, Oregon in 2009, Pigeon Toe Ceramics is the brainchild of fine artist and designer Lisa Jones. With a flair for modern, Scandinavian design and a knack for the craft, Lisa and her team lovingly mold each vessel, basin and bowl with delicate strength.

Playful and charming, Pigeon Toe Ceramics redefine the rustic chic aesthetic with casual irreverence. Lisa’s products transcend trends, leaving behind an heirloom that’s hardly old-fashioned. Polished and refined, yet naturally imperfect, Pigeon Toe Ceramics is inspired by a new age of homegrown, depression-era aesthetics. Clean and tactile, white and pure.