Sayigh+Duman is a contemporary architectural, multi-disciplinary and cultural anlysis office first developed by Koray Duman in 2004 under Studio Ur+Nod. In 2009, Laith Sayigh joined the office as a partner and the office took its current name Sayigh+Duman. Sayigh+Duman is a design environment that is interested in achieving imaginative, intelligent, and creative solutions to its projects. Using latest computer aided design techniques, graphic design and model building we aim to achieve unique solutions for each client that are creative, buildable and delivered on time and on budget. Fundatmental to the office is an ability to communciate with and undersatnd the unique requirements of every client and to create a solution that not only achieves a creative and unexpected solution but one that also goes further in producving an outstanding result. Also fundatmental to the office is pursuit of sustanable desing, in so the office is LEED certified and will be committed to bringing as many of tis projects into LEED certification. Making a change to the environment is paramount to us in build environment today.