The work of SsD explores a version of sustainability that approaches design as a convergent, interdisciplinary venture.  In this light, an economy of means is favored over an additive and redundant methodology:  Instead of separating aspects of architecture, landscape, history, social systems, and codes into their constituent disciplines, these agendas are simultaneously explored so that minimum form can take maximum effect.  Because this approach is inherently based on finding solutions that minimize material and energy use while maximizing performance, sustainability emerges as an integrated result.  Along with being published in major media such as Metropolis Magazine, Dwell Magazine, The New Yorker, and PBS,  SsD has received many prestigious design awards including the AIA Young Architects Award (2006 and 2009), the Young Architects Forum Award by the Architectural League of NY (2007), an Holcim Foundation for Sustainable Construction Award (2005), The Metropolis Next GenerationPrize (2004), and six AIA awards (2003-2006). They have lectured and exhibited at many universities and conferences including venues at the Harvard GSD, Ohio State University, and Seoul National University, as well as several national design conferences.