Studio Gang is a leading architecture practice whose design work addresses buildings, landscapes and cities. Founded by Jeanne Gang in 1997, the office has grown to include 35 full-time staff collaborating on national and international projects.

The studio acts as a lab for testing ideas on every scale, from cities to material properties. This sensibility is demonstrated by projects such as the Marble Curtain and SOS Community Center, which visibly engage with the distinct natures of marble and concrete, respectively, and the Aqua Tower in Chicago, which reconsiders the tall building as a site-specific structure. With a process that begins with research and exploration, the studio has produced a growing body of work that responds to its specific place and purpose.

Studio Gang has received national and international recognition for its innovative and sustainable designs, and was most recently honored with an award of High Commendation for the SOS Community Center at the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona.