Circle House

modern playhouse circle assembled

We wish more grown-up homes had the simple, no-frills good looks of Royce’s design—–but then again, most American houses aren’t “inspired by Scandinavian fishing cottages from the modernist era.” Madeleine proudly concurs.

If you’ve ever built an Ivar shelving system from Ikea, you’ve tackled a far more challenging construction project than this. The wood panels of the Circle House, sourced from responsibly managed domestic forests, pack flat.


With a price tag like this, you better hope that your kids are as into real estate as you are. You wouldn’t want an ignored Circle House to end up in a foreclosure auction (or more likely, on Craigslist).

We wish Royce took the Scandinavian fishing cottage inspiration to the extreme. This is another one we’d love to set up outside—but as yet, it’s intended purely for indoor use.

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