TrueModern Playhouse

True Modern Playhouse Edgar Blazona

Durable and dependable, the TrueModern Playhouse has great genes. Blazona has been designing grown-up backyard prefabs for over a decade at Modular Dwellings.

Although our testers seemed to enjoy the rough-and-tumble appeal of some of the more flexible (read: destructible) designs, this more refined and larger-scale playhouse constructed from Baltic birch would be an ideal retreat for older children.

Putting this puppy together is definitely a job for both mom and dad—requiring some heavy lifting and a couple of hours. You’ll want to measure twice before assembling, as it does take up quite a bit of space and likely won’t be going anywhere anytime soon after assembly.

At this scale and price, we’d love for it to be an outdoor design, but the finishes aren’t intended to hold up to the elements. A custom rain cover will be available soon.

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