Ultimate Safari Maze

Ultimate Safari Maze Playhut

Constructed from a nylon-like nonwoven material slung between springy edges, the Ultimate Safari Maze pops into action or neatly tucks away into the included tote bag just like those handy visors for your car’s windshield. That makes for easy setup and transport.

Our test crew­—especially Cedar—loved crawling through the maze’s modular tunnels, while the design nerds among us appreciated the brightly colored, almost Memphis-like animal prints.

While we love the fact that you can set up the maze any which way (and combine it with other Playhut products), just like in the grown-up modular building industry, the connections that link the various pieces are less than ideal. Instead of having male and female connection points on opposing pieces, all of the maze’s Velcro and plastic connectors are hermaphroditic—making it overly complicated and unwieldy to assemble. Try explaining that to a two-year-old.

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