Before & After

April 2009,
Vol. 09
Issue 05
dwell cover 2009 april before and after
Five Great Renovations
Long Island renovated beach house with cypress wood exterior

Long Island Summer Home Gets a Modern Addition

 “I can show you what it was…and what it is,” 
Joe Dolce says, delineating the slight, 250-square-foot addition to his Long Island summer home.


A Mid-Century Modern Home in Southwest Portland

Living in a state that’s saturated with rain for 
much of the year, Oregonians rightly have an obsession with sunshine.

bogli residence exterior yard  0

Stumptown Rock

Even before construction was complete, the Stump House was turning heads.

bogli residence exterior yard

Totally Tubular

On the roof, amidst an array of native wild grasses and shrubs, six banks holding 180 small thermal solar 
collection tubes provide hot water year-round.

holm residence exterior portrait

Norwegian Wood

Designing a house for this setting was a thrilling puzzle of aesthetics and terrain for a young architect.

courtyard house after exterior side

Inside Job

Designing an innovative house is a rite of passage 
for many young architects.

water mirror bordeaux france detour

Bordeaux, France

Classical yet current, Bordeaux is a city that celebrates the details that comprise the whole. Architect Oliver Brochet guides our tour around the accessible tram system, the historic women, and…

landscape design

An Introduction to Landscape Design

The profession of landscape architecture is very much rooted in the European tradition of garden design, and it didn’t germinate as a distinct profession in the United States until the 19th…

101 landscape graphic hillside meadow judy kameon

Judy Kameon on the Future of Landscape Design

There’s a common misconception that the scale of domestic projects places them in the realm of “garden designers” rather than landscape architects, but size is not always the…

101 landscape well pruned 2

Well Pruned

There is such a variety of well-executed residential landscape designs, it is difficult (and arbitrary) to cite one as being superlative.

101 landscape woo garden michael van valkenburgh

Michael Van Valkenburgh on the Future of Landscape Design

Though large projects often garner the greatest attention, Michael Van Valkenburgh agrees that residential projects are also worthwhile:

101 landscape missing the mark 1

Missing the Mark

Landscape design is a matter of personal taste, but there are some approaches that almost any designer would recommend against.

101 landscape supplant your lawn 2

Supplant Your Lawn

It’s both water-wise and 
wallet-wise to consider alternatives to a grassy lawn.

101 landscape the future of

Kathryn Gustafson on the Future of Landscape Design

As housing demographics shift, 
so too does our conception of the average American residential landscape.

101 landscape

101 Landscape

Garden design is only a fraction of the landscaping tradition. Residential or commercial it's a balance fo aesthetics and function that makes for sucess, and we take a look into (and upon) the field.

101 landscape the future of thumbnail 2

Diana Balmori on the Future of Landscape Architecutre

Planting a vegetable garden, however, shouldn’t be the end of our transformation of the domestic landscape, as Diana Balmori explains.

david trubridge portrait

David Trubridge Interview

Environment is inspiration for British-born, New Zealand–based David Trubridge, but eco-design is a label he eschews: “We do everything we can, but this greenwashing trend can create a…

stadium game

Stadium Game

Among America’s notable architectural ruins, few are as singular as the grandstand for Commodore Munroe Stadium, designed by Cuban-born architect Hilario Candela in 1964 and approved for…