All Together Now

December/January 2007,
Vol. 07
Issue 02
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Building Homes That Build Community
skit lift house

Ski Lift

This New York turned ski bum took a little piece of the city to the mountains, and never looked back.

moriyama house courtyard portrait

Building Blocks

On a double suburban lot in Tokyo, the Office of Ryue Nishizawa built a neighborhood-scaled, flexible-format minimalist steel prefab compound for Yasuo Moriyama—a very private individual with a…

282 wakefield street house exterior view from below

Rising Above It All

Set atop a 1908 warehouse in the Courtenay Precinct of Wellington, New Zealand, the three apartments by Architecture Workshop glow like lanterns at dusk, signaling a new day for this once-seedy…

belmont street lofts exterior street view

Community Building

Completed in 2004, the Belmont Street Lofts—with their crisscrossing pattern of wood, metal, and glass—have settled neatly into their neighborhood, offering a contemporary complement to the…

greencity lofts exterior

A Green Approach

Architect Robert Swatt, designer of the GreenCity Lofts condo complex on the border of Oakland and Emeryville, California, makes no claim to longstanding environmental expertise.

home office 101 desk

There’s No Place Like Home

Telecommuting may let you answer email in your underwear, but is the home office all it’s cracked up to be?

home office 101 chen cabinet

Space-Efficient Renovation in New York

“A strategy of extreme density was required,” says Michael Chen of Normal Projects, 
who along with partner Kari Anderson handled the renovation of this Upper West Side apartment.

home office 101 baravalle horse stall office

A Stable Office Environment

Giorgio Baravalle originally had a true home office—a space inside his house in Millbrook, New York, that was meant to be a private place to work, but instead served as a traffic circle in the…

home office 101 fleischmenn office living room view of garden

A Tale of Two Houses

When Ulrich Fleischmann approached architect Maki Kuwayama, of Unit A Architecture in Stuttgart, Germany, to design a home and office space, he was looking for a deal.

matresses expert metronaps chowdhury arshad

Rest Easy: 3 Eco-friendly Mattresses

As the ill effects of many a mattress become crystal-clear, never before has the saying “You snooze, you lose” held more weight.

dyrdek rob portrait

Not Just Skating By

For years, professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek has ranted about wanting to build a skate plaza: a skate park integrated into the urban environment as a landscaped, multi-use public space.


Beyond Terradome

Influenced by city dwellers whose windows open to concrete vistas or brick walls, San Francisco native Ric López decided to shift the view inward and back to nature.

home office 101 desk

101 Home Office

Work is work, but working from home is better, especially if you have the right setup.