Around the World

May 2008,
Vol. 08
Issue 06
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Modern Ideas From Abroad
langston jones house exterior

Twice as Nice

Within the mix of warehouses, detached brick bungalows, and dusty pubs of the Sydney, Australia, suburb of Alexandria, local architect David Langston-Jones has built an intricate and finely textured…

katz residence stairs portrait

Katz's Cradle

Gregory Katz proves that three times is a charm with his trio of concrete homes, which challenge the status quo in this quiet Johannesburg suburb.

kingston house exterior view from above

Kingston Brio

Aaron Roberts and Thomas Bailey, the young architects behind room11, teamed up to design a house for Aaron's parents, fixing the structure into the topography of the site.

eggo house living room view from courtyard

EggO Centric

A69 Architects were called upon to match concrete with concrete for this family home in Prague.

the lighthouse exterior

London Cooling

The Lighthouse, by British architects Sheppard Robson, seeks to redefine the future of residential energy by plugging into the sky itself.

mvrdv dutch pavilion exterior

The Placemakers

"We want to position our work outside of architecture, as a clear piece of sociology and ecology."

skypephone old new models


Last year saw the European launch of the world’s first mobile phone with integrated Skype, the Voice over IP software traditionally used via computer.

offices 101 products

Design at Work

With wi-fi and a laptop, the world is your office. No matter where you tackle your to-do list, good desk accessories are essential.

offices 101 vitra office


The conventional version of the
open-plan office is now regarded as a failure.

offices 101 skylab sketch


The distinction between professional 
and personal life has blurred.

offices 101 intelligent design sketch

Intelligent Design

The future of the office is about 
providing a balanced response to 
the environment and the person 
in the office—–or at home, in the park, 
on a plane, or wherever the “office” happens to be.

offices 101 steelcase office


Now that work can be done anywhere, what qualifies as an office?

offices 101 herman miller office

Herman Miller Design Center

Herman Miller’s National Design Center in Atlanta 
achieved a LEED Gold rating 
for commercial interiors.

offices 101 pallotta teamworks office

Pallotta TeamWorks Headquaters

Inside a 47,000-square-foot warehouse, Clive Wilkinson built a veritable campus for Pallotta TeamWorks, a national charity-events company.

offices 101 tbwa office 1


In Shibaura, this former bowling alley is now the shared offices of international advertising agency TBWA and Japanese agency Hakuhodo.

offices 101 an der alster 1 office exterior building

An der Alster 1

The new office complex by J. Mayer H. Architects sits on the edge of downtown Hamburg, bordering the Aussenalster waterfront.

offices 101 fuseproject office


In the San Francisco offices of Yves Béhar’s industrial design and branding firm, the work environment 
suits the work.

offices 101

101 Office

Buried in TPS reports? Somebody take your red stapler? Don't let The Man get you down--our inclusive review of office environments and accessories will have you whistling while you work.

indoor pool amherst massachusetts didier sydne interior pool

Skinny Dip

An elegant new pool house keeps competitive swimmer Sydne Didier in top form, and out of the Connecticut River.

kisho kurokawa illustration

Time Capsule

The impending demolition of Kisho Kurokawa’s Capsule Tower strikes a nostalgic nerve in writer Tom Vanderbilt, who travels to Tokyo for a look at a future that never was.

guerrero guanajuanto mexico 2005

Pedro E. Guerrero

In 1939, Frank Lloyd Wright hired 22-year-old Pedro Guerrero to be Taliesin West’s resident photographer, the start of a collaborative bond that would last until Wright’s death in 1959.