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November 2009,
Vol. 10
Issue 01
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Modern Goes Country

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luyanda mpahlwa portrait crop

Luyanda Mpahlwa

In Mitchell’s Plain township in Cape Town, South Africa, living conditions are harsh. The congested urban landscape pushes kids into the streets to play.

frozen fountain rooy de cok portrait

The Frozen Fountain

Though some might say that you can’t buy good taste, Cok de Rooy has built a career out of doing just that.

passive acceptance house exterior

Passive Acceptance

Virtually unknown in the United States, Passive Houses are starting to make a big impression with their small footprints.

godoy emiliano portrait

Emiliano Godoy

Sustainable design isn’t merely a catchphrase for Mexico City–based industrial designer Emiliano Godoy.

yum yum farm house

Farm Fresh

Nobody ever said farming was easy, but the rewards of a homegrown harvest are great.

barache residence house portrait kitchen

Modern Wooden A-Frame Retreat in France

Like a little chapel on the prairie, architect Jean-Baptiste Barache’s simply elegant retreat in the tiny Normandy town of Auvillier is a modern play on centuries-old forms and technology.

salt spring island cabin home exterior

First-Class Cabins

From the familiar log model to Swiss chalets and Swedish friggebods, cabins are the simplest of structures, made from local materials in forms that respond to climatic and cultural needs.

frank lloyd wright unity church

Sunday Styles

The cathedrals, mosques, and synagogues of the Old World still occupy the most hallowed ground of ecclesiastical architecture, but a rather unorthodox American sect can lay claim to the best in…

prelinger rick portrait

Rick Prelinger Evaluates Modern Media Storage

Though the contents of every cassette, LP, and VHS tape you've ever owned can now fit inside a gadget the size of a tie clip, your plasma TV and subwoofer still need a resting place.

tallinn estonia aerial

Tallinn, Estonia

Since the fall of the USSR, Tallinn has managed to look unblinkingly to the future while still retaining vital elements of its past.

ewing residence exterior

Bringing It All Back Home

Relying on local materials, local craftsmen, and the land her family has farmed for over two centuries, a New Yorker rediscovers her Midwestern roots.