Best New Kitchen Designs

April/May 2004,
Vol. 04
Issue 05
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5 Delicious Options

Home Cooking

For Erik and Ivana Gonzalez, the design of their kitchen—and every other room in the house—was truly a family affair.


Cutting It Up

Los Angeles–based architecture firm Tag Front faces the future of downtown living with an apartment that melds the compactness of a studio with the spaciousness of a loft and finds that,…


Stainless Chef

Designer John Picard isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty in the kitchen, or washing the sand off his feet in the bathroom.

peoples grocery nice mod portrait

Bringing Beets to the Streets

The beats you hear booming through the Oakland streets might be emanating from the cars of future rap stars—or from the People's Grocery Mobile Market.


Victorian Revival

A couple’s dinner out at their neighborhood bistro provides just the right impetus for their restaurant-inspired kitchen renovation.


Red, Wood, and Blue

An entreprenurial pair of Belgian brothers land in one of Texas's few bohemian oases, become property owners, and find that sharing a house in adulthood isn't half bad.

IJsselstein housing project exterior landscape

Run by the Sun

In Holland, being green is not a choice, it's a governmentally enforced obligation. Architects Han van Zweiten and Gregory Kiss's project makes a case for obeying the law.