Beyond Green

May 2009,
Vol. 09
Issue 06
dwell cover 2009 may beyond green
From Niche to Normal
rogers richard london as it could be drawing

Richard Rogers

The architecture of Richard Rogers weds the best of high-tech design with the outer limits of the architect’s imagination, creating soaring, sustainable spaces that enrich everyday urban life.

werner sobek

Werner Sobek

Werner Sobek has seen the future, and it’s high-tech, green, and efficient.

kavner residence exterior front

PISE Does It

From an ecological perspective, pneumatically impacted stabilized earth (PISE) is a nearly perfect building material.

casa tuscania exterior perspective

Welcome to the Jungle

In Central America, Spanish colonial architecture prevails.

fujimori terunobu charred cedar house exterior

Terunobu Fujimori

A modern eccentric with an architectural sensibility drawn from ancient Japanese traditions, Terunobu Fujimori designs projects that are exercises in playful experimentation and sophisticated craft.

dwell home 2 exterior rendering

Groundbreaking Design

It has been nearly half a decade, but the Dwell Home II is back! Construction began this winter in the hills outside Los Angeles, and a true model of domestic sustainability takes shape.

fairest faucet reports  0

Don Norman Reviews 7 Modern Faucets

Far from fickle, faucets function best when they’re running hot and cold. These modern fixtures prove their mettle by making it oh-so-easy to go with the flow.

kitchen design sustainable

101 Kitchen Design

No matter how cozy your living room or den, the kitchen is usually the heart of a home.

kitchen design 101 bulthaup b2

An Introduction to Kitchen Design

The kitchen has evolved from a closed-off satellite to the most open, doted-upon room in the house—and repository of our dreams of domestic fulfillment.

kitchen design 101 cochran kitchen after

Open Kitchen

A San Francisco architect turns his “inefficiency” kitchen into a modestly scaled and well-lit place to cook, eat, work, and enjoy the view—–even with his back turned.

kitchen design 101 de matran kitchen after

Model Worthy

The true test of a kitchen’s mettle is not how it looks brand-new, but how it looks after a decade of wear and tear from heaving cleavers and spilling sauce.

kitchen design 101 bulthaup b2 closed

Bulthaup's B2 Kitchen System

With its updated version of the old walk-in hearth, Bulthaup deconstructs the kitchen into a freestanding system fit for a modern ascetic.

kitchen design 101 patterson daniel

Daniel Patterson on Kitchens of the Future

According to this chef who routinely pushes the boundaries of how food is prepared and presented, the ideal kitchen will look back to the future.

kitchen design 101 grey johnny

Johnny Grey on Kitchens of the Future

The nephew of food guru Elizabeth David, Grey found validation for his design approach in the field of neuroscience.

kitchen design 101 bulthaup b2 detail

Cardenio Petrucci on Kitchens of the Future

Cardenio Petrucci has seen the kitchen assume increasing prominence, to the point where it’s akin to a piece of fine furniture.  

kitchen design 101 rosen christine

Christine Rosen on Kitchens of the Future

“Looking at the data, we will continue to eat more convenience foods and to gather less as a family, just as our kitchens become ever more ‘gourmet’ and ‘professional.’

kitchen design 101 citterio antonio

Antonio Citterio on Kitchens of the Future

“As the kitchen assumes its place as the most important part of the home, we are thankfully moving away from the idea of designing the kitchen as if it were a clinic or a sterile environment.

kitchen design 101 hudson scott

Scott Hudson on Kitchens of the Future

About eight years ago, Scott Hudson founded his Seattle-based company Henrybuilt (named for his grandfather) to try to fill the void between sophisticated high-end European kitchen systems and what…

home zone conglomerate  0

At Home in the Zone

Sustainability doesn’t have to mean monasticism and darkness—with this zone-by-zone guide to the domestic world you know best, going green can be both more efficient and fun.

home zone whole house  0

The Whole House Zone

By conceptually dividing your home into zones, you can analyze each of its functions in turn.

sustainable, home, how to

The Food Zone

Fine-tuning your cooking and dining areas pays off in more ways than just saving resources. As in other functional zones, their success starts with awareness: Where exactly does your food come from?

home zone living zone

The Living Zone

Let’s talk design for a minute. It’s important to remember that potential modifications to your home must be carefully considered before you implement them.

home zone sleeping zone

The Sleeping Zone

Sleep on this: You probably spend more time in your bedroom than any other home zone, so it’s important to get it right.1 Reducing your resource consumption here requires a close look at how…

home zone bathroom zone

The Bathroom Zone

Reducing your water usage is easy, and it doesn’t mean you have to brush your teeth with a pinecone or weep with remorse every time you flush the can.

home zone utility zone

The Utility Zone

Your garage, laundry room, basement, and other nonglam support areas: These are the silent killers of energy-efficiency in your home.1 Because these spaces are largely “unseen” (and…

home zone yard zone

The Yard Zone

The space outside your walls should be as thoughtfully considered as the space within.

One of many modernist gems to be found in North Carolina's Research Triangle Park region near Raleigh.

George Smart

George Smart, executive director of Triangle Modernist Archive, is a modern-day Lorax for modern-designed houses.

levy arik portrait  0

Arik Levy

Arik Levy’s designs have been produced by a variety of big names—e15 (SH05 ARIE shelf, pictured below), Zanotta, Council, Living Divani, and Bernhardt Design, to name a few—but the…