Born Again!

June 2006,
Vol. 06
Issue 06
dwell cover 2006 june born again
4 Dramatic Renovations
pande misra house dining room portrait

Architectural Adventure

When people ask architects Apurva Pande and Chinmaya Misra where they live, they never get a straightforward answer.

Modern home in singapore with south asian urban architecture

Straight and Narrow

Behind an unassuming 19th-century facade in Singapore's Joo Chiat neighborhood, Ching Ian and Yang Yeo's renovation of a typical shophouse venerates tradition while looking squarely to the future.

colin hecht house street view before renovation

Garage Brand

With no space to waste, London-based designers Kim Colin and Sam Hecht turned a 1924 garage into the perfect home product.

b house street view after renovation

Cooler Ranch

After searching in vain for an empty lot to build on, architect Brian White settled for a nondescript 1960s ranch that nobody else wanted—and proved that building from the ground up doesn’t always…

shanghai china jin mao tower

Suddenly Shanghai

The developer of Three on the Bund gallery gives us a behind-the-scenes tour of the creative side of Shanghai.

101 being green

A New Standard of Living

Sustainability may be the buzzword du jour, but how can you tell if a product is as green as it’s cracked up to be?

101 being green greased lightning

Greased Lightning

Thirty years from now, there will be no more oil.

101 being green the thin green line

The Thin Green Line

For years, as the author of books on eco-home design and a founder of two environmental general stores, I’ve been advocating sustainable design to others.

solar decathlon vt solar

Let the Sun Shine In

Although the University of Colorado Buffaloes football team fell short during bowl season, another dynasty is afoot at the idyllic Boulder campus.

skateparks philadelphia portrait

All-Inclusive Architecture

At the symbolic heart of Philadelphia lies John F. Kennedy (JFK) Plaza, more commonly called Love Park after a Robert Indiana sculpture that is the soul of the site.

101 being green

101 Being Green

Even for sustainability's greatest proponents, going green isn't necessarily a walk in the park. Dwell explores what it takes to be truly environmental.

bodnar schatsky family portrait

Teach Your Parents Well

In May 2005, Susan Bodnar and David Schatsky asked architects Normal Projects to green their prewar apartment and their contemporary lives.


The Bellwether of Belvedere

Sustainable consultant to the stars Jordan Harris convinces Hollywood starlets to go hybrid, but when it came to greening his own home, he enlisted outside help.


5 Modern Showerhead Picks by Leonard Koren

Whether you want to replace your drizzly dud or indulge in a decadent deluge, these showerheads will wash your ills away.

showerheads expert koren leonard 1

A Note on Our Expert: Leonard Koren

Leonard Koren has led an enviably desultory life, first dropping out of college to paint murals with a group called the Los Angeles Fine Arts Squad and then eventually “begging”—and…