Green Goes Mainstream

September 2006,
Vol. 06
Issue 08
dwell cover 2006 september green goes mainstream
Sustainable Homes of Tomorrow, Today
villa bio house

It Takes a Villa

Enric Ruiz-Geli’s firm Cloud9 designed the suburban house of the future—it also happens to be sustainable.


Emerald in the Rough

An architect and artist flee Dublin for the countryside to build a biodegradable house and raise their children.

xeros house exterior front

Xeros Effect

Matthew Trzebiatowski matched an extreme aesthetic to an extreme climate, but his sustainable moves took a gentler approach.

meyerhoffer house exterior

The Full Montara

In Montara, California, architect Michael Maltzan designed a home for, his sister and brother-in-law. From certain vantage points, the home’s unique angles result in M.C.

101 manufacturing making the future

Making the Future

We live in a manufactured world. But is it some kind of utopia, full of iPods, Swiffers, and pre-cut fruit?

101 manufacturing lg  1

A Three-Factory Tour

Inside vast concrete buildings all over the world, gizmos and gears (assisted by human hands, of course) assemble everything from enormous plasma TVs to endless rolls of colorful fabric to high-end…

101 manufacturing lg

LG Factory Tour

It is an overcast morning in Gumi.

101 manufacturing morosso

Moroso Factory Tour

Moroso, the Italian furniture company known for discovering remarkable designers such as Ron Arad and Patricia Urquiola, assembles between 100 and 150 pieces per day in a factory outside Udine.

101 manufacturing marimekko

Marimekko Tour

Beyond a shining white foyer and a canteen infused with fragrant lunchtime aromas, Marimekko’s Helsinki headquarters hides a textile factory in its belly.

101 manufacturing urquiola  1

Meet Your Maker

Ever wanted to be a designer? One of the biggest parts of the job is working with your manufacturer to turn a concept into a real product.

101 manufacturing urquiola

Patricia Urquiola on the T-Table by Kartell

T-Table stands for transgenic table.

101 manufacturing shadylace

Chris Kabel on The Shady Lace Parasol

In early 2003 Droog Design invited me and several other Dutch designers to collaborate with the local industries around Lille to design products for the Lille 2004 Cultural Capital of Europe …

101 manufacturing chair

Emiliano Godoy on Knitted Pieces

I am really interested in pieces made using vegetable-based, biodegradable materials.

101 manufacturing bb  0

Jeffrey Bernett on the Landscape Chaise for B&B Italia

B&B Italia, which was founded in the mid-’60s, developed the first injection-molded polyurethane-foam seating, which today is still the basis of its upholstered seating.

reitz kurath house exterior

Taking His Own Advice

When Greg Reitz was ten years old, he was already so worried about the state of the planet that, without prompting from his parents, he spent his allowance to join Greenpeace.

treehouses ca on lake muskoka lukasz koz 4 treehouse overview

Suspended Habitation

“This was really a parameter-driven project,” explains Lukasz Kos, a Toronto-based designer and cofounder of the architecture firm Testroom.

treehouses wi pewaukee dustin feider 02 sustainability treehouse overview

By Poplar Demand

“I kept pushing the idea of doing a new kind of tree house further and further, trying to find the best structure, the best materials,” explains Dustin Feider, a 23-year-old freelance…

treehouses uk england suffolk amir sanei flying pigsty side

Where Pigs Fly

Those looking for a more down-to-earth option might consider wallowing in a pigsty, which is essentially what designer Amir Sanei constructed for his two sons.

treehouses ca on lake muskoka lukasz koz 4 treehouse overview  0

The High Life

Tired of being terrestrially housebound? Four homes go out on a limb and find their place in the trees.  

terry laura amphitheater construction

Camp Counsel

Architecture professor Laura Terry and her students spent a summer designing and creating new facilities for young campers with physical and developmental disabilities.

101 manufacturing lg

101 Manufacturing

Manufacturing from conception to production and reproduction.


Eric Corey Freed Reviews 6 Sustainable Flooring Options

There’s trouble underfoot if you’re building a green home without considering your flooring. Take stock of these sustainable wood options that let you tread lightly on the land.