Growing Up Green

July/August 2008,
Vol. 08
Issue 08
dwell cover 2008 july august growing up green
Building a Sustainable Future
azevedo house exterior

Bay Wash

With a presence in three centuries, Christi Azevedo’s Victorian survived the quake of 1906 and served as a laundry before its rebirth as a well-lit hybrid of old and new.

toilets expert mclennan john

Jason F. McLennan reviews 5 eco-toilets

Victorian technology has no business being the receptacle for your business. It’s time to outmode the common commode.

the blue house dining room portrait

Ship Shape

Pieter Weijnen’s brand of maritime modernism brings a touch of magic to Amsterdam’s Steigereiland, where the architect built his family’s home.

pyatt kahn house exterior street view  1

Post Bale

Boulder, Colorado, straddles a dynamic geographical border where miles of Rocky Mountains descend into flat plains that stretch all the way to the Appalachians.

garcetti wakeland house exterior house at night

Echo Logical

Los Angeles is not all mini-malls and highways. As Eric Garcetti, president of the City Council, shows, it is eminently possible to live green in the City of Angels.

hong kong china causeway bay district happy valley racecourse

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong’s architectural development can be traced through time by viewing it panoramically from the city’s stratospheric escalators. We survey the layers with local architect Rocco Yim.

buricova kubicek house exterior

A Striking Bohemian Geothermal Home

Taking a calculated turn from tradition, two Czech architects designed a modern rendition of a classic Bohemian home, powered by solar panels and a geothermal heat pump that draws energy from the…

nanimarquina little field of flowers weaving detail

Little Field of Flowers

Nanimarquina—In 1987, Barcelona-based designer Nani Marquina established a textile and rug design studio. Since 1993, the company’s designs have been manufactured in northern India.

haygarth tide chandelier color

Design Junkie

"I guess from a young age I collected things that interested me—picked up bizarre things from the street, put them in boxes, or took them to my room."

deborah leach portrait

Deborah Leach and Thames21

If you’ve never heard of “fly-tipping,” then you’ve certainly seen its results.

mazria ed portrait

Ed Mazria

"This isn’t a question of cost: It’s a question of design. Design is how you solve the climate-change problem."  

charles barsotti good design

When We Talk About Good Design

Many architects and designers, when talked down from the theoretical towers of “sculptural forms” and “floating volumes” and made to speak of their craft in humbler terms, are…