Home at Last

March 2007,
Vol. 07
Issue 04
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Modern Living on a Budget
digital cameras expert reczkowski steve

Photographer Steve Reczkowski Reviews 5 Digital Cameras

Not all pictures are worth a thousand words.

cambridge compound x small house portrait

Four Houses and a Future

When we first visited Beat Schenk and Chaewon Kim two years ago, they were in the process of building the second house on what has turned into a Cambridge compound.

baird house side yard portrait

Baton Rouge Oasis

On a lot nobody, particularly the city of Baton Rouge, could love, architect David Baird created an oasis for his family and his community—both interstate-side and street-side.

weber house street view

Labor of Loved Ones

Designed by his son and daughter-in-law, and largely built by his family and a host of neighborly helpers, Bill Weber’s new home is all about strengthening the ties that bind.

rihn house exterior car portrait

A Lot for a Little

Regina and Andy Rihn weren’t exactly modernists when they first began their frustrating, unproductive slog through the pricey Austin, Texas, real estate market.

moder birdhouses assortment view a


Dear Dwell: We'd like to get a modern-looking birdhouse. Which ones will look best in our backyard? —Erik Edwards, St. Louis, Missouri

medland house exterior

Winds of Change

Caught in the grip of the worst drought in a century, Australians are showering together.

solar 101 sun illustration

My Place in the Sun

Envious of the energy savings accrued by neighbors with solar panels on their roofs, but unsure how to go about putting up your own panels?

solar 101 house illustration blue

Exploring the Solar Systems

For the past 30 years, we’ve been teased with the promise of plentiful solar energy. But for most of us, nerdy solar calculators and watches are as close as we get to realizing this promise.

solar 101 house illustration blue  1

Wooler Mills House

The first misconception about going solar is that it is expensive.

solar 101 house illustration blue green

Clifford Avenue Homes

The cost for solar systems is not only related to how elaborate the system is—it also depends on where you live.

solar house illustration

Panel House

Taking advantage of Southern California’s sunny skies, architect David Hertz ingrained 
passive solar features in almost every detail 
of the Panel House for client Thomas Ennis.

solar 101 bike plant house watch illustration  0

Solar Flair

Interested in running more than just your home on the sun’s rays? Here’s a handy introduction to some of the most innovative solar goods available.

ryan zoe portrait

Public Defender

Zoe Ryan has written art and design articles and books, helped curate shows at the MoMA and the Victoria and Albert Museum, and, most spectacularly, brought new life to the Van Alen Institute, New…

solar 101 sun illustration  1

101 Solar

Dare we say "enlightening"? Be it passive or aggressive, find out what solar energy can do for you.