Home Savings

October 2008,
Vol. 08
Issue 10
dwell cover 2008 october home savings
Modern Homes Made Affordable
dressers experts go fug yourself morgan jessica cocks heather portrait

Hollywood fashion critics review 5 dressers

Without a decent dresser, can you dress decently? With the help of two outspoken Hollywood fashion critics we determine if a chest of drawers can hold the secret to sartorial success.

dollahite house exterior portrait

Salvage Love

The first year out of college is a wildcard for most people.

walmart exterior

Retail Therapy

In the great American quest for more stuff, big-box stores are nirvana, laden with cheaply priced items by the ton, from diamond earrings to toilet paper.

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Magic Mountain

Architect Ko Wibowo designed a house of prodigious proportions beneath the hulking rise of Mount Ranier.

Texas live work studio patio through glass doors

Lone Star

Rural Texas commonly conjures visions of Stetsons, spurs, and longhorn steer, but the countryside contains more than just cowboys.

darnell house garage

Affordable, SIP-Built Family Home in Kansas City

Architect Jamie Darnell had a simple plan for his family’s home in Kansas City, Missouri, but the result is anything but plain.

flos glo ball furnace

Flos Glo-Ball

Designers and manufacturers bemoan the profusion of cheaply made copycats, but it’s been proven time and again that truly great design can never be obscured by poor imitation.

watershed wren oregon  1

Modern Off-the-Grid Retreat in Oregon

The Watershed is an off-the-grid writer’s retreat that architect Erin Moore designed for her mother, nature writer Kathleen Dean Moore.

mobile homes trailerwrap prototype exterior  0

Upwardly Mobile Homes

When it comes to real estate, the trailer park gets a bad rap. But some designers think that this forsaken corner of the market is worthy of reevaluation—and even resuscitation.

pilloton emily portrait illustration

Emily Pilloton

With the offices of her upstart nonprofit, Project H, located in the same space as Cameron Sinclair’s Architecture for Humanity, Emily Pilloton’s everyday life is steeped in a desire to…

lambert steve portrait illustration

Steve Lambert

Office workers ride zip lines down the streets of San Francisco, where a roller coaster has been installed as a new form of public transport: Welcome to the artistic world of Steve Lambert, who…

grimshaw nicholas portrait

Sir Nicholas Grimshaw

"One of the good things about doing decent public design in a prominent place is that people look at it and say: Why can’t we have that everywhere?”  

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Western Promises

William McDonough + Partners’ design for a small village in northeastern China was meant to stand as a model for sustainable development.