In Its Element

November 2008,
Vol. 09
Issue 01
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Homes Designed For The Environment
wash dry expert method ryan eric

Eric Ryan of Method reviews 5 front-loading washers and dryers

For all of the grass stain–elimination contests we see on TV among name-brand laundry detergents, it’s the washers and dryers that do the heavy lifting.

abiquiu house exterior side

Abiquiu Debut

Abiquiu, New Mexico, owes this rugged new house to a plucky pair of residents, two talented architects and one long-sighted and very gracious loan officer.

the thom cabin exterior  0

On the Rock

Katja and Adam Thom’s cabin, on an exposed postglacial archipelago in Canada’s windswept Georgian Bay, is more than eight miles from the nearest road.

santiago chile cerro san cristobal gondolas

Santiago, Chile

Santiago may be a tamer city than its South American brethren, but as architect Sebastián Irarrázaval tells us, there's change afoot where colonial legacy meets modern urban design.

it house exterior back view

iT House, Joshua Tree

The iT House brings together raw industrial aesthetics with the tactics of green design to forge a new home in the sunbaked wilds of California’s east.

floating house

Floating House, Lake Huron

On the edge of a tiny island accessible only by boat, this buoyant summer home lives the life aquatic.

lavaflow 4 house

Lava Flow 4, The Big Island

Set into the dense tropical foliage of Hawaii’s wildest coast is a house that goes with the flow by welcoming the breeze.

austin chapel lzt legge close portrait

Nature’s Graces

With the lightness and imagination of origami and the mathematical exactitude of digital design, this open-air chapel invites all creatures into its folds.

schiff residences exterior garden portrait  0

All Aboard

Helmut Jahn’s dynamic new supportive-housing facility brings green design and a new outlook on life to the Windy City.

todd larson portrait

Todd Larson and Elemental Awareness

In the summer of 2001, Element Skateboards founder Johnny Schillereff stumbled on a new addition to a YMCA skate camp in Northern California: a nature survival-skills program.

amze emmons the good earth 02

The Good Earth

As the war-torn city of Kabul, Afghanistan, is transformed into a maze of blast walls, military checkpoints, and foreign bases, how might security architecture be changed to foster psychological…