Living Landscapes

September 2007,
Vol. 07
Issue 09
dwell cover 2007 september living landscapes
Naturally Appealing Homes
osae addo house dining room living room

An Inno-native Approach

Joe Osae-Addo, a highly gregarious, Ghanaian-born architect, was living in Los Angeles, designing buildings and acting as the unofficial social coordinator of the local architecture scene.

great highway house street view front balcony portrait

Highway Hideaway

Most beachfront houses treat the ocean as part of the visual landscape with panoramic views and wraparound balconies.

the valley house side yard

Where the Wild Things Aren't

In Vieira do Minho, a small village in northern Portugal, Guilherme Vaz designed a fortresslike retreat that embraces the natural landscape while keeping it at bay.

bankok thailand nightscape from victory monument

The Bangkok Beat

Mason Florence, ex-rodeo rider, photo gallery director, and publisher of Bangkok 101, steers us through Thailand’s “Venice of the East.”

paula hayes santa fe private garden

Terra Ephemera

Whether spanning acres or encased in amorphous glass ecospheres, Paula Hayes's singular landscapes blur the boundary between art and nature—and redefine the relationship between art and…

brill house exterior

Drumming Up Design

Brotherly love takes many forms; in the case of Rob and Eric Brill, it’s a shared passion for modernism.

house siding assortment

Green Siding

Dear Dwell: I've already found a company that will recycle my old vinyl siding. Now I'm looking for a fresh, sustainable alternative. Any suggestions? —Roger Knight, Hillside, Illinois


Butcher Josh Epple Reviews 7 Chef's Knives

With our airwaves packed with celebrity chefs, Americans are proving to have a solid appetite for what Julia Child would call cuisine—at least on television.

lipkis andy treepeople conference center exterior

Tree's Company

Greening Los Angeles has long been Andy Lipkis’s dream. Greening his nonprofit’s Hollywood Hills campus is now a reality.

pietary posti cultivaing

Cultivating Appreciation

Sixty years ago it was Mies, Alvar, and Lou. Today it’s Zaha, Rem, and Renzo.