Made in the USA

October 2009,
Vol. 09
Issue 10
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Modern Homes Across America

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freeman feldman residence exterior

The Shipping Muse

Shipping containers are ubiquitous in Houston, though unlike the four that make up this new home, they're usually filled with foreign goods rather than flourishing lives.

maison amtrak exterior

The Right Track

With nearly a half century of architectural experience, Peter Cohen designed this ingenious spine-and-module home for him and his wife Sally in the coastal forests just outside Ellsworth, Maine.

brick weave house chicago illinois exterior

The Brick Weave House in Chicago

Born as a horse stable, the Brick Weave House in Chicago is all about transportation and transparency.

meffan residence portrait exterior

Diamond in the Rough (and Ready)

Architect Ken Meffan's ten-years-in-the-making home is in the tiny Northern California town of Rough and Ready—a term that might as aptly refer to the house itself.

perkowski residence sod roof portrait

Modernist Rural Getaway in Poland

In southwest Poland, architect Robert Konieczny, of KWK Promes, raises the roof—with sod intact—on Jacek Perkowski’s modernist rural getaway.

wildlife sanctuary

The Birds and The Beavers

Connecticut birders happily swap their waterlogged Wellies and foggy field glass for the Wesleyan student–designed SplitFrame, a viewing platform in a former cranberry bog.

Pattern Book House Angle

By the Book

This modern log cabin from architecture students at Auburn University was designed to be completed for $20,000—an admirable solution for the down-at-heel looking to put down roots.

pur norsk halvorsen lien portrait

The Norsk Face

Marianne Lien and Lasse Altern Halvorsen opened Pur Norsk in Oslo in 2006 to seek out and promote the finest in Norweigan design. Can Pur Dansk be far behind? 

modern real estate correll an introduction

An Introduction to Modern Real Estate

Though the market has rarely looked worse, our primer on the past, present, and future of modern real estate gives you the inside track on why modern homes are always a good investment.

evans ginny portrait  1

5 Modern Dishwashers

Today’s dishwashers are quieter and more energy- and water-efficient than ever—giving you a little peace and quiet as well as peace of mind.

cronin john portrait

John Cronin and the Beacon Institute

For 35 years, John Cronin has safeguarded New York’s waterways, investigating dozens of pollution cases and authoring three laws to protect the Hudson River and its communities.