Make It New!

January/February 2004,
Vol. 04
Issue 03
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8 Great Renovations

Somewhere Under the Tuscan Sun

A complex of farm buildings from a less than glorious period in Italy’s history is magically transformed. The result?

studio 5 portrait

"N" Is for Nice

Sometimes all the numbers don't add up, but at least they can look cool. Studio 5 takes graphic design into the classroom and the kids are better than all right.

marmol radziner loewy house frey albert exterior 1

Leo Marmol on Restoration

Which is harder? Creating a new classic or restoring an old one?

bornstein residence driveway portrait

Two Houses Are Better Than One

Or is one house better than two? For Santa Monica–based architect Jesse Bornstein and his family, both are true.

Clean white is supercharged with a background-to-floor-to-fore dose of coral. The adventurous decision to paint the floors makes the room. The background to the home's story is even more beguiling, as one urban resident brings Usonian design to a small ci

Urban Usonian

It might have seemed like an oxymoron to Frank Lloyd Wright, but it’s a reality in this Boston photographer’s flat, designed to fit into a preexisting 1,500-square-foot space.

aperture house exterior

Four Walls and a Screw-Top

What does a $9.99 bottle of screw-top wine have to do with a prefab house? Vetter Denk made the connections in an innovative getaway for an enterprising vintner.

siegel residence

Hay Is for Horses, Straw Is for Houses

In the Napa Valley, one sustainable residence elegantly demonstrates straw bale technology.

krill garden house assembled

Outside In or Inside Out?

Among the kitschy, gnome-loving chalets of Holland's community gardens, Krill Architects created an anomalously spare and highly adaptable Garden House.