Mid-Century Remixed

December/January 2009,
Vol. 09
Issue 02
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New Lives for Classic Homes
desise korn portrait

Denise Korn

"In 2003, Denise Korn marched into the Boston public school system with one goal in mind: to demystify the process of design.

edstrom house exterior  0

Opened House

A few years after moving into their stocky, cavelike 1970s bi-level 20 miles southeast of Milwaukee, JJ and Eric Edstrom decided it was time to renovate.

stools expert bentel peter portrait studio

Interior Designer Peter Bentel Reviews 5 Barstools

Frontways, sideways, backward, or leaning against the back. Breakfast, beers, or bitters. The versatile barstool is indeed a perfect place to perch.


Bauhaus by the Sea

No nautical nonsense here. How Walter Gropius built the Hagerty House, his first commission in the United States.

scrap house exterior front

Scrap House

"Repurpose, refurbish, recycle" was the guiding principle for a metals broker in Ontario who harnessed his passion for–and knowledge of–industrial materials to create a new…

lafayette park house

Mies van der Rohe, Lafayette Park

High-rise superblocks and identical clusters of row houses set apart from the urban grid have been much maligned as some of the major wrongdoings of modernism, but Detroit's Lafayette Park—the…

Renovated Breuer house in Baltimore exterior with large glass windows

Marcel Breuer Hooper House II

A new owner with a light touch has kept Marcel Breuer's 1959 Hooper House II a marvel of the mid-20th century whose life will extend well into the 21st.

washington dc washington memorial mall

Washington, DC

Washington, DC, is not all political wonks and Masonic conspiracies: It's also a highly walkable city, its diagonal avenues wide open to modern design.

alessi caffetiere factory

The Alessi 9090

Alessi—In the 1970s, Alessi invested $300,000 to develop its first cooking appliance: a stovetop espresso maker by Richard Sapper.

paul petrunia portrait

Paul Petrunia of Archinect

Paul Petrunia founded the website Archinect in 1997, using news, forums, and original features to connect the architecture world online.