Modern on the Inside

February/March 2006,
Vol. 06
Issue 03
dwell cover 2006 february modern on the inside
Tradition on the Outside
burke house stairs portrait

Time Is on My Site

In Galileo’s day, men counted their pulses to tell time.

washington  town house stairs portrait

Row House Revival

Following the interventions of architect Matthew Baird and interior designer Janet Liles, Mo Ogrodnik’s apartment, which she shares with her husband and two children, is a resonant…


Taking Liberties

Designed and built in 1878 for Judge John Murphy, a 4,400-square-foot white structure has, from the outside, the undeniable characteristics of a classic San Francisco Victorian.

brenner house backyard view into kitchen and dining room

Victorian Secrets

Have you ever walked past a house on your way to work and thought, Wouldn’t it be nice to live there. Artist Judith Brenner did.

books architecture and design

Architecture and Design Books

Dear Dwell, I am new to modernism and eager to learn all I can about architecture and design. What books would you recommend to a novice? —Mathilda Feigenbaum, Mission Hills, Kansas

watanbe residence exterior view sliding panels

Simply Sustainable

Located in a hidden valley on the picturesque Izu Peninsula, a few hours west of Tokyo, the Watanabe Residence, designed by architect Tadashi Murai, looks more like an imposing black box propped…

101 design build  0

101 Design-Build

Demystifying design-build: Where does design stop and building begin? Plus, tools of the trade.

vacuums expert guido clark laura

5 Canister Vacuums

Is kitty leaving too much for you to remember him by? Are your wellies tracking dirt? Whatever the mess, these vacuums will help you suck it up. 

vacuums expert guido clark laura

A Note on Our Expert: Laura Guido-Clark

After designing for other companies for a few years, Guido-Clark started a firm 16 years ago with a friend.

101 design explained

Chris Krager, Krager & Associates Design/Build (KRDB)

This Austin, Texas–based studio built its profile by designing and building some notable houses on spec.

dan maginn

Dan Maginn, El Dorado, Inc.

The designers at Kansas City–based El Dorado believe they are improving on the conventional architect-contractor relationship by cultivating a more collaborative spirit among client,…

danita rooyakkers

Danita Rooyakkers, BUILD

Danita Rooyakkers is one-third of Montreal-based BUILD, along with partners Michael Carroll and Attila Tolnai.

leo marmol

Leo Marmol, Marmol Radziner + Associates

Los Angeles–based Marmol Radziner is renowned not just for its skillful rehabilitation of run-down architectural icons like Neutra’s Kaufmann House in Palm Springs but also for stunning…