The New American Home

October 2007,
Vol. 07
Issue 10
dwell cover 2007 october the new american home
Good Design Makes Good Neighbors
walz house exterior portrait

Pittsburgh Steeler

With a nod to the Burgh’s industrial heritage, and an eye toward the new, Jeff Walz replaced an aging farmhouse with a chic steel cube.

dean house street view

Minneapolis, MN

Linden Hills, a leafy neighborhood in southwest Minneapolis abutting recreational Lake Calhoun, is a spot where few fences divide the ranch houses from the Cape Cods and the bungalows, most of them…

casa delpin living room

San Juan, PR

After three rainless weeks a welcome tropical shower blew into San Juan, Puerto Rico, one afternoon last May, awakening Casa Delpin with the sound of trickling water.

finley wamble house street view driveway

Houston, TX

In Houston, where bigger means better and suburbanites in SUVs dominate the highways, architects Dawn Finley and Mark Wamble are anomalies: Their domestic lives fit into 1,200 square feet, and their…

boston massachusetts fort point channel vent building 5

Boston Pops

The heart of the American Revolution, Boston became home to midnight rides and at least one wild tea party.

coffee tables expert taschen angelika portrait

Angelika Taschen: 7 Modern Coffee Tables

Whether it’s a place to rest your saucers or your sneakers, the coffee table is the workhorse of the most leisurely room in the house, so you might as well make it work with your décor.

mulder rietveld schroder house

Et tu, Bertus?

People often introduce Bertus Mulder by talking about his extraordinary pedigree.

longhouse exterior

Long Division

The dark, primeval mountains and jagged ravines of New Zealand are free of rampaging Orcs, but Middle-earth, 2007, has another nuisance on the loose.

home buying selling 101 introduction

All the Home's a Stage

Whether you’re selling a hillside Neutra or a modest carpeted condo, home staging has become the norm in today’s uber-competitive real estate market.

home buying selling 101 for sale


You’ve heard it thousands of times on TV, the radio, and in junk mail—spurious ads delivered with forehead-vein-popping enthusiasm by robot-faced dudes in shoddy suits. Bad credit?

home buying selling 101 exterior building


“It is really different from anything else,” explains David Burcher, who bought a co-op apartment in Manhattan with his partner, Greg Broan, almost a decade ago.

home buying selling 101 exterior home

Probate Sale

When the owner of a home dies without a will or trust to allocate their estate, the property goes into probate.

home buying selling 101 for sale people


The popular myth is that foreclosures can provoke ire in sellers and bad karma for buyers, but this is rarely the case.

home buying selling 101 buy now

Click Appeal

House hunting isn’t just about roving the streets and stopping at For Sale signs anymore; instead, prospective buyers will spend hours trawling the Internet to find their future home.

carpets metropolitan collection by merida meridan

Eco-Friendly Carpeting

Dear Dwell: I'm not into the hard modernism of concrete floors: I miss the cushy carpet of my youth. Are there eco-friendly options for wall-to-wall? —Craig Dewey, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

flora grubb gardens

Fawning Over Flora

Flora Grubb Gardens, the hippest plant merchant in the Bay Area, takes up residence in a new building as green as it is frondescent.

home buying selling 101

101 Home Buying / Selling

You—yes, YOU—can buy (or sell) your own home. Here's how.

rebuilding together poster

Rebuilt This CIty!

The tiny staff at the San Francisco affiliate of Rebuilding Together coordinates and works on the rehabilitation of more than 20 homes and roughly the same number of nonprofit facilities on one…

shulman julius portrait office recangle

True Hollywood Story

For over seventy years, through 7,000 photography sessions, and with 70,000 negatives, Julius Shulman captured the elusive spirit of architecture with an unerring eye and indefatigable…