A New Shade of Green

November 2007,
Vol. 08
Issue 01
dwell cover 2007 november a new shade of green
Sustainability Is Here to Stay
beck house living room portrait

Light Box

For Tad Beck, making a home out of a stolid, windowless warehouse meant opening it up from the inside out.

siegal house courtyard arial view

Method Lab

Designer Jennifer Siegal’s own house is a modest 1920s Spanish bungalow on the leeward side of busy Lincoln Boulevard in Venice, California, that looks nothing like what she makes at her day job.

rosie joe house

No Grid in Sight

Most deserts are dry and dusty expanses of blue skies, bleached soil, and rulerflat horizons. The Colorado Plateau is not one of them.

henning wansbrough house living room

The First Wave

In Sydney’s cramped beachside suburbia, architect Steve Kennedy defied a small footprint and a terrible drought with a generous double-height extension and a cutting-edge custom-made…

bikes expert byron dl

Expert Even Byron reviews 6 commuter bicycles

As the bike industry begins to meet the growing demand for practical, sensible bicycles tailored to commuting and urban outings, the time has never been better to get back that freewheelin’…

istanbul turkey pierre loti cafe balcony

Inside Istanbul

It’s been called Byzantium, Constantinople, Stamboul, and Tsarigrad, but as designer Efe Buluc shows us, there’s only one Istanbul.

hutten point it glove and dombo mug portrait

Everyone Deserves a Richard Hutten

With an impressive body of work behind him, Richard Hutten is one of the Netherlands’s most internationally successful designers.

shade house exterior

Houston, We've Solved a Problem

A bird flying over Houston, Texas, sees only a sprawling canopy of trees. It seems the perfect nesting place for creatures both avian and human alike; unfortunately, the green ends at the tree line.

alternative energy 101 hand sun

101 Alternative Energy: Knowledge Is Power

If necessity is the mother of invention, then the coupled concerns of population growth and resource depletion might be considered the parents of energy innovation.

alternative energy 101 power house

Vampire Power

Probably the most evocative term among the otherwise technocratic energy vocabulary, vampire power is the continuous current that appliances and electronics draw from an outlet even when turned off.

alternative energy 101 climate control

101 Alternative Energy: Climate Control

Few things use more energy at home than the pursuitof the perfect indoor temperature.

alternative energy 101 light on

101 Alternative Energy: Light On

The standard pear-shaped incandescent bulb thatmost of us have been using for ages has a bad reputation among environmentalists as an energy hog.

alternative energy 101 sunny delight

101 Alternative Energy: Sunny Delight

Sunlight transportation systems are the pinnacle of innovation in energy-efficient design.

Residential Wind

When we think of alternative energy at home, our minds leap straight to solar panels, the most obvious symbol of a site-generated grid-free power source.

101 Alternative Energy: On-Demand Hot Water

We don’t keep a kettle boiling on the stove all day for the one moment when we want tea, so why do we keep water heated around the clock when all we need it for is a shower or a load of laundry?

alternative energy 101 zeroing in

101 Alernative Energy: Zeroing In

It’s become increasingly common to hear the term
“zero energy” or “zero carbon” used to describe buildings that achieve complete energy sustainability by generating as…

Energy Retrofit: The Now House Project

It may be simpler to build a zero-energy home from scratch than to retrofit an existing structure, but buildings constructed in the 20th century are generally the most in need of upgrades for energy…

della valle bernheimer glenmore gardens rastgir exterior

Brooklyn Renaissance

Thanks to a group of young Brooklyn architects, an immigrant neighborhood untouched by gentrification gets low-income housing with high ideals.

scott chambers home sweet  rgb

Home Sweat Home

The land we purchased—a little less than 40 acres in the Floyd County foothills of southwestern Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains—is the hilly, unfarmable center of several large…