Prefab's Promise

April/May 2005,
Vol. 05
Issue 05
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Good Design for Everyone
pellecchia wesselman house exterior portrait

Setting the Stage

Blessed with an enviable site on the sylvan shores of the Strait of Juan de Fuca in Washington state, architect Anthony Pellecchia and his wife, graphic designer Kathy Wesselman, wanted to create a…

Modern Modular home in Minnesota

How to Play FlatPak

Intelligent, appealing, and affordable, Charlie Lazor’s user-friendly FlatPak just might be the project that revolutionizes the prefab industry.


On a Rock in a Hard Place

In an unlikely mountaintop locale, Anderson Anderson Architecture crafted a home out of a complex composition of off-the-shelf components, paving new paths for the prefabricated construction industry.

verdouw hall ward house exterior perspective

Tait Modern

When building a second home, most people don’t consider traveling farther than upstate. But the Taits built theirs 30 hours away on the coast of Tasmania.

dash portrait students

Education by Design

Magnet schools are nothing new to the arts and sciences, but Miami's DASH looks to give high schoolers a head start in design.

homecooking waffle maker1

101 Home Cooking

How did such a simple act become so complex? Dwell analyzes how to cut, cook, and enjoy your food - and the plate it;s served on.

homecooking knives

Never Dull

When someone gets fired from a French kitchen, the chef de cuisine says simply, “Take your knives.” To a chef, the knife is like an extra appendage, and its dismissal cuts deeper than the…

homecooking 101

Dining In, Dining Out

Once while dining at a minimal-chic German restaurant in San Francisco, my date marveled at the elegant simplicity of the mid-century-modern salt and pepper shakers on our table.

homecooking coffee glass karafe

Coffee Talk

I love coffee. It’s coffee shops I have a problem with.

homecooking iron pan 1

Iron Chef

The entire town of Solomonville, Arizona, heard their bickering, even through the thick walls of their adobe house, and they say that when my great-grandfather left my great-grandmother and lit out…

homecooking fondue pot

Fond of You

The love of my life can prepare entire meals using only a sharp knife and a cast-iron pan. It’s a useful skill, but if you want to know the truth, I find his attitude a little annoying.

homecooking waffle maker1

A Square Meal

So many recipes leave so much to chance, and that is why I love the waffle iron.

homecooking viceroy hotel whist restaurant interior

Yummy Interiors

These designers believe that dining out definitely shouldn’t make you feel like you’re staying in.

desks expert stumpf bill  0

Bill Stumpf Reviews 5 Modern Desks

At work, you don’t usually get to choose where you sit, but at home it’s a different story.

massimo iosa ghini portrait

Massimo Iosa Ghini: The Speed of Design

Designer Massimo Iosa Ghini takes a moment to reflect on the hazards of speed and the merits of Europe’s standard of living.