Profiles in Creativity

April 2006,
Vol. 06
Issue 04
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4 Influential Designers
andrens house exterior

Aloft in the Forest

Among the many problems of urban living in Portland, Oregon, are raccoons, deer, and falling trees.

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Marcel Wanders

“It’s a mess up here.” Marcel Wanders is talking about his brain, and the necessary disorder of an open mind in design. “Philosophy is not one truth, but thousands of truths.

cho byoung

Byoung Cho

Agricultural buildings aren't really designed, someone just made them. I try to design like that—so it looks like it's not designed at all, it's just there."

miller abbott j and lupton ellen living room portrait

J. Abbott Miller and Ellen Lupton

"We thought design was this incredible discovery as a field, and yet no one was making it interesting. There was so much work to be done."

malmo sweden santiago calatrava turning torso

Malmö's Metamorphosis

Once a blue-collar industrial port, Malmö, Sweden, now aims to be a premier design destination. It’s on its way.

trinity apartments exterior

Density Down Under

Six weeks after moving from a “gorgeous custom house with huge gardens” in a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand, into an apartment a few minutes from the city’s central business district, Roz Mawson…

Shane Coen residential landscape

101 Landscape Architecture

A brief history of landscape architecture, from Birnbaum to Walter to Coen.

Shane Coen residential landscape

Yard Works

“Mother Nature is too powerful to try and mimic,” says Shane Coen, whose firm is known for its minimalist approach to the residential landscape.

san francisco california deyoung museum landscape architecture aerial

The People's Park

An amorphous profession, landscape architecture embraces everything from civic plazas, highways, and landfill reclamations to the front lawn.

chicago illinois art institute of chicago garden fountain

The Ungreening of America

We asked Charles Birnbaum to point us to five unique landscapes that we can still take a peek at. He explains: “I’ve chosen places that are either at risk or lesser known.

wells malcolm locust hills

Notes from the Underground

“I used to care about how buildings looked on the outside,” says Malcolm Wells, a charming, self-deprecating man with a bushy beard