Radical Ideas in Architecture

July/August 2006,
Vol. 06
Issue 07
dwell cover 2006 july august radical ideas in architecture
miro weiss house family room portrait

A House Grows in Brooklyn

While most people living in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn didn’t see much to love about an abandoned, weedy lot squeezed between two old town houses, one couple couldn’t help…

enns house exterior night view

Barely There

If not for the dawn appearance of the bear, which came loping toward Maem Slater-Enns and her then six-month-old daughter as they sat contemplating the water, the Enns family might still be residing…

color no hue 1

Color 101: Hueless

Most modernists find color as attractive as traditional Tudors. Fred Bernstein, a resolute lover of neutrals, attempts to expand his horizon of hues.

color chips pantone 2

Color 101: Chipping Away

Most designers, be they graphic or interior, consult 
their Pantone fan guide when considering hues.

color beatrice santiccioli book gilber paper monkey

Color 101: Brand New Color

The fact that your car is tinted a subtle silver or that 
your running shoes have vibrant orange stripes flaring up their sides is hardly a design afterthought.

color alpana bawa textiles

Color 101: Created from Color

There are endless choices to be made in the world of color, as anyone who has tried to paint a room plain white knows.

color yolo colorhouse paints

101 Color

Dwell explores the variegated use of color in our world, from industry to emotion.

reading lamps expert vandyk stephen

6 Illuminating Reading Lamps

If your manuscript is far from being illuminated, it’s time to drop the task at hand and find a new lamp to read by.