Suburbs With Attitude

December/January 2008,
Vol. 08
Issue 02
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Prefab, Renovations, Additions, & More
cook compa house exterior

Industrial Revolution

Maria Cook and Lance Compa were only looking to kill a sleepy Sunday afternoon when they drove 20 minutes south of their home in Ithaca, New York, to see a house that a real estate circular had…

leblanc house exterior house driveway

On the Level

Judged by contemporary design standards, the typical postwar suburban split-level house has little to recommend it.

Exterior of Cincinnati renovation with aluminum siding and large glass windows

Home Schooled

The house at 157 Congress Run in the Cincinnati suburb of Wyoming was a fine little place, a sturdy 1940s brick Cape with trim, boxy rooms and an undulating yard punctuated with old trees.

suarez house exterior backyard

Pastoral Manner

Santiago Suarez is a man who craves challenge, a knight errant, if you will, whose exploits are in the realm of the intellectual and artistic.


Auctioneer Richard Wright reviews 7 dining chairs

This dinner guest is always invited, but doesn’t eat or drink, and never joins the conversation. But long after the party’s over, it will still be at the table.

montreal canada biosphere

Montreal Exposed

Dispassionate about his city's de rigueur "City of Design" designation, architect Gilles Saucier shows us there's more to Montreal than Expo 67.

smedshammar holmberg silverdal terrace i exterior

The Suburbs Strike Back

Swedish prefab specialists Smedshammar + Holmberg are on a mission to rescue their compatriots from boring suburbs—and their deep-seated suspicion of architects.

courtyard house exterior front

Courtyard of Appeal

Like so many L.A. stories, the tale of the Courtyard House begins with a lucky break. One day in 2001, Thomas Robertson got a call from a friend he hadn’t seen in ages.

modern salt and pepper shakers assortment

13 Modern Salt and Pepper Shakers

Dear Dwell: I've been looking for modern salt-and-pepper shakers, but all I've found are tchotchkes and diner-style pillars. What do you recommend?

habitat legers thibault pierre illustration

Thibault’s Follies

Quebec City architect Pierre Thibault has designed three Habitats Légers, or Light Habitats­—small structures installed in the landscape and meant as creative retreats.

melo zoe necklace green

On a Smartpath

Zoë Melo has dedicated herself to design work that transcends trendy or facile definitions of sustainable or socially responsible practices.

surrogate cities essay  1

Surrogate Cities

So this is what city life boils down to: flat roofs, right angles, and steel-mesh awnings for industrial spice.